At DrukAsia, we’re passionate about travel and in particular, Bhutan as a destination. The DrukAsia team is always eager to share about this magnificent kingdom with anyone who is interested. As the number of curious travelers grows, so does our team. That is why we are now looking for guides, drivers and reservation specialists to join us.


Our guides and drivers are a hospitable bunch who enjoy traveling around Bhutan as much as they enjoy the chance to constantly interact with people from all around the world.
The guides, especially, as you will remain with the guests from the moment they enter Bhutan up till the time they leave from the airport’s departure hall. As a guide, you will essentially play the parts of gracious host and best friend during the entire trip as you help make your guests feel at home. Look forward to exchanging banter and cultural knowledge with your new friends.
The drivers, although with comparably less interaction time, will still be together with your guests for quite a bit as you transport them from one destination to another. Itineraries vary for each group of guests and drivers must be comfortable with driving for long periods of time – possibly up to 7 hours for a trip – while possessing excellent navigational skills.

Location: Bhutan

Reservation Specialists

Our reservation specialists are efficient, resourceful and think quickly on the job. You are also a ‘people’ person, because we need you to regularly maintain and develop our relationships with the hotels in Bhutan. You are the crucial link between the stages of preparation for a trip to its successful materialization. As you are handling much of the logistics for our guests, their trip would be impossible without you. Sometimes, you might even have to help fulfil last minute special requests from them, but that’s just part of the job’s dynamic nature.

Location: Bhutan

If you think you are a good fit for us, we’d love to hear from you. Do send us your resume at careers[at]

If you don’t see a suitable vacancy, please email your resume to us anyway. You never know when we might need someone of your talents.