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It is going to be the longest review I have ever written

It is going to be the longest review I have ever written, please bear with me! Bhutan has long been in my bucket list, and I can now proudly say that I’ve checked it off! Ugyen Dema was in charge of organizing my entire trip, from itinerary to flights, visa and travel insurance. Responses were fast, usually within a day even on weekends.

Upon exiting the arrival hall, I immediately felt at ease having spotted my guide Sonam Thia [ST], who was holding on to my name with a big smile and guided me to my driver Kapo was waiting at the carpark for me. Upon hearing that I am hungry due to the time zone difference on the first night, my driver Kapo even bought me titbits and chocolates in case I felt hungry way before meal time on the second day. Definitely a commendable action by Kapo, and appreciate his effort in making sure that I am not hungry and comfortable throughout the journey.

I am glad that the dates which I am traveling falls during one of the festivals called Druk Wangyel. I had such a fun time watching the performance without even realizing that two hours had went past and despite not understanding what they were singing or performing. We visited the Dochula Pass, however it has not started to snow, but my guide ST assured me that we would be able to see it after we return from Punakha. True enough we visited Dochula Pass again. End route we stopped the car and played with snowball, and had so much fun throwing snow at each other. My driver Kapo will make the snow fall effect, while my guide ST would be the photographer taking photos of me having fun posing, jumping and playing with the snow. My guide ST often ask me whether the photo taken are ok, otherwise he will take it again. All the photos taken by him were perfect, and therefore I didn’t have to get him to retake.

Even though we were met with the public holiday during my trip, my guide ST managed to make changes to the itinerary and ensure that we manage to complete all the places. On the last day to Tiger Nest, I had to take it slow as it was physically taxing. My driver helped me to carry my bag and both my guide and him would give me a helping hand whenever required and even ensured that I was well hydrated throughout the journey.

Knowing that I would normally have fish as one of my dishes almost every day, my guide ST specially arranged a fish dish on my last lunch, which was definitely a thoughtful touch! Finally, I had fish after 5 days, and am definitely thankful and grateful for the effort that goes into making the arrangement.

My guide ST was very knowledgeable about the history and culture of the places we visited. Thanks for explaining and answering my questions. I have definitely gained valuable knowledge and better understand Bhutan now after the trip! My driver Kapo was very skillful in driving, always making sure that I am comfortable during the rides.

Thank you so much in taking care of me, treating me as a friend. As I bid farewell to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, I will definitely miss the fresh air, the friendly and kind people and the delicious foods! I will definitely be going back again to explore the other part of the country.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Druk Asia, ST and Kapo to the rest of the travellers. Having shared how professional ST and Kapo were, my friends and colleagues have already started to plan for a Bhutan trip and expressed interests to have them as their guide and driver.

Thank you Druk Asia for the lovely calendar and postcard. I will definitely use it at my work desk. It was so nice with all the places and events that took place even with both public holiday of the countries.